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Nov 28, 2020

Dude, when did the world outside my window turn into a Tom Clancy novel?! Run this forward 30 minutes to get to the other guy and listen.

May 5, 2020

Things that make you go hmmmm: The Panel on COVID-19 Treatment Guidelines recommended against COVID-19 being treated by hydroxychloroquine with or without azithromycin. Nine members of the Panel Panel on COVID-19 Treatment Guidelines have financial ties to a medical company called Gilead. Remdesivir, which is made by Gilead is being tested as an expensive alternative treatment to COVID-19. Hydroxychloroquine is a generic drug with very low profit margins. -------------------------------

April 25, 2020

At this point we all know that this was the "mysterious" vaping disease from last year/aka Wu-Flu /aka COVID-19 and it has been out for MONTHS-- --Open it all back up already. Seriously, are we destroying people's jobs and the economy for politics?! SERIOUSLY? -------------------------------

April 15, 2020

Still working on comics despite the "Wu-Flu". Desperately wanting to go out to eat or go "shopping-shopping", not only groceries--just to look around.

There's no reason why the rest of the country should be treated like a "one-size fits all" disaster area. Outside of crazy, crowded places like arenas, and parks (which should limit people), I think most people should be able to function close to normal. Just avoid any sort of public transportation and foot traffic and just stick to cars! How simple is that? Let's open back up stores, restaurants and supply lines of warehouses and trucks! "Social distancing" should take care of itself. -------------------------------

Aug 5, 2019

Lost some posts when we moved around some internet stuff! Still doing comics. My creator owned 21st Centurions is coming out from AC Comics! Also working on Superbabes for AC as well. -------------------------------

Jan 15, 2017

Still Busy! -------------------------------

June 13, 2017

Busy! Shipping Big Bang Universe #3!


April 17, 2017

YES, we are still here, YES, we are incredo-busy! Wrapping up Femforce # 178. Go to AC Comics to see what we're up to!


Jan 22, 2017

It's 2017! It's going to be a great year! The sun is shining and the birds are chirping! Of course, we're late on a book!


Yes, this is an really old post, but I'm keeping it up. Sept 4, 2014

Hi folks, Too busy!

We're having an open submissions "cattle-call" on pencillers, inkers and letterers. We actively need classic comic book artists and people who can draw attractive pin-up/ cheesecake "good girl art"-style in panel-to panel continuity for the book we already publish, but we are looking at other possible types for other publications. Direct us to online graphics for samples of your work,those who email samples will be tossed. Art must be black and white line art, We only need comics art in digital form, so you can keep and/or sell your physical artwork post-publication. Don't expect payment upfront, but we are working on getting back to actively paying freelancers. If you're interested, email us at FemforceHQ @ ------------------------------- -----------------------------------